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Renzi “matador” to conquer Europe. It’s not gonna be easy… via @alanfriedmanit



Vote for Schulz to ensure a German commission president, says Socialist ad


#EP2014 – reports in Denmark that the British @conservatives are open to the Danish People’s Party joining ECR – via @electionista

Den britiske EU-parlamentariker Daniel Hannan åbner nu for, at Morten Messerschmidt kan blive medlem af den ECR-gruppe, som afviste ham i 2009.



Far-Right Fever for a #Europe Tied to #Russia

At a rally last week near the Palace of Versailles, France’s largest far-right party, the National Front, deployed all the familiar theatrics and populist themes of nationalist movements across Europe.

A standing-room-only crowd waved the national flag, joined in a boisterous singing of the national anthem and applauded as speakers denounced freeloading foreigners and, with particular venom, the European Union.