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Timeline – The new College of Commissioners: How will it be elected?


18 September:

Conference of Presidents adopts the calendar and the written questionnaires for the Commissioners-designate. There will be two general questions common to all on competence, portfolio and cooperation with Parliament, and three from the relevant Committee. Where more Committees are involved in hearings, they may also submit two additional written questions.

25 September:

Committee on Legal Affairs to scrutinise the financial declarations of the Commissioners-designate.

26 September:

Written answers to questionnaires in original languages to be received by the European Parliament.

29 September-7 October:

Hearings of Commissioners-designate and committee evaluation meetings according to the following timetable.


9 October:

Conference of Presidents meets to evaluate the Hearings.

22 October:

Vote in Plenary.

31 October:

End of the mandate of the current European Commission.


1 November:

The new European Commission takes office.

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Far-Right Fever for a #Europe Tied to #Russia

At a rally last week near the Palace of Versailles, France’s largest far-right party, the National Front, deployed all the familiar theatrics and populist themes of nationalist movements across Europe.

A standing-room-only crowd waved the national flag, joined in a boisterous singing of the national anthem and applauded as speakers denounced freeloading foreigners and, with particular venom, the European Union.