Who are the 25 top figures to watch after #EP2014?

1. Martin Schulz

2. Jean-Claude Juncker

3. Guy Verhofstadt

4. Nigel Farage

5. Marine Le Pen

6. Geert Wilders

7. Rebecca Harms

8. Klaus Welle

9. Gianni Pittella

10. Ingeborg Gräßle

11. Matthias Groote

12. Gunnar Hökmark

13. Sophie in ‘t Veld

14. Philippe Lamberts

15. Sven Giegold

16. Jan Philipp Albrecht

17. Viviane Reding

18. Martin Callanan

19. Jacek Saryusz-Wolski

20. David McAllister

21. Alexis Tsipras

22. Elena Valenciano

23. Judith Kirton-Darling

24. Maria João Rodrigues

25. Sylvie Goulard


Why? read full article by Financial Times:





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