List of probable minsters in the new Italian government

Graziano Delrio (Democratic Party), Minister of Interior

Andrea Guerra (CEO Luxottica)/Lorenzo Bini Smaghi (former board member of ECB)/Piercarlo Padoan (OECD chief economist) /Lucrezia Reichlin (professor, candidate for lieutenant governor of Bank of Italy), Minister of Economy

Tito Boeri (external – professor at Bocconi University), Minister of Walfare

Emma Bonino (Radical Party), Minister of Foreign Affairs – confirmed

Alessandro Baricco (external – writer), Minister of Culture

Michele Vietti (UDC – Christian Democrats), Minister of Justice

Federica Mongherini (Democratic Party), Minister of Defence

Oscar Farinetti (external – owner of Eataly), Minister of Agriculture

Beatrice Lorenzin (Nuovo Centro Destra), Minister of Health – confirmed

Maurizio Lupi (Nuovo Centro Destra), Minister of Infrastructure – confirmed

Andrea Orlando (Democratic Party), Minister of Environment – confirmed


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